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Pilot Andy KeechHere pilot Andy Keech answers your questions about what it's like flying 'Woodstock.' Have a question of your own? Send it to us by email and Andy will try to answer it!

Q: How many more records are you going for?

A: All that can be reached. A very high number.

Q: What do you carry on the plane with you?

A: Only what is necessary. Usually, a 7 lb. knapsack. It contains my wallet, a toothbrush, toothpaste, pen, paper, “AA” batteries, a bottle of water, toilet kit, sandwich, a piece of fruit and a cell phone. Sometimes I include a spare change of underwear (a rarity). Also included are items that I simply forgot to remove.

Q: What will the next record attempt be?

A: I only mention a record effort after it has been made. Events in the future do not exist till they are in the past. I can tell, at short notice, when the weather conditions favor one type of attempt over another.

Q: What is the most dangerous aspect of flying your autogyro?

A: Sunburn. I am thinning on top.

Q: How long can you fly on full tanks?         

A: Just over 8 hours. Temporary dehydration can be an ally.

Q: How high can your aircraft fly?

A: Much higher than it has been. It has been 5 miles high (26,400’) so far.

Q: Aren’t you nervous being that high?

A: On the contrary. No one has ever crashed into the sky. Skydivers know that the ground is hard and that the space above that is buffer, i.e. room to fix trouble. The more, the better.

Q: How much does your autogyro weigh?

A: Between 530 and 600 lbs. empty, depending on which fuel tanks are installed and whether the heavy or light blades are to be flown. It weighs about the same as a medium sized motorcycle.